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TRX® Training: TRX For Soccer Training

Training for soccer is no joke. This demanding sport requires endurance, strength, agility, flexibility and balance. Whether you’re a defender, goalie or lef…
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Soccer girls are awesome for 10 reasons!

FC Kansas City underdogs no more
"Honestly, I think people didn't have high expectations for this team or this city because it's like a brand-new city," said rookie Erika Tymrak in reference to Kansas City's limited roots in women's professional soccer. "It's kind of in the middle of …
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  10. Kyle Kelly says:

    This is insane stuff. I will have to look your videos to see what else you have. Unfortunately, I dont have that awesome setup you have with the straps. But I need stuff like this for my goalkeepers I train and the my teams.

    Recommend anything to improve a vertical jump?

  11. Charles Jefferson says:

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  12. Francisco Relvas says:

    “Perfect for the game of soccer”
    This is ridiculous, with no transfer for the real game.
    TRX is a very good equipment, it enhaces your overall physical condition. But that’s valid for all sports.
    Keep the nice work but just showing exercises, don’t say it’s perfect for sport X or sport Y.
    It is bad publicity, you’re shooting yourselves in the foot…

  13. Farris4Fitness/MyoBrain says:

    What do you recommend for length/time, sets, reps for these movements?

  14. Do you have any soccer specific workouts for kids?

  15. TRXtraining says:

    Thanks! We’ll continue to bring more best-in-class workouts. TEAM TRX

  16. Angrygumballl says:

    This is freaking awesome! 

  17. Avionna Tucker says:

    U just stated my life.. and ask those things are true..i do have abs ;)

  18. xRENBREN31x says:

    Yep. Get at me boysssss

  19. OMGpandapeepz says:

    Now why does no other guy understand this about me?!?!?!

  20. operatorallusion says:

    Thats great and everything but how do you attract a soccer girl if you don`t play soccer?

  21. Heather Ward says:

    You wall looks like mine!!(: haha GO MAVS!!

  22. xXNatalieLuvsYaXx says:

    Yeah.. I love food… A lot… :3

  23. Can you do one about kick boxers?

  24. charles king says:

    You are right about that.

  25. Taylor Tabor says:

    Honestly can you date me?

  26. jamrockhottie757 says:

    You must be my soul mate jk lol..even though I’d change it up a little and say football(soccer) guy. The legs omg!

  27. Dana Moore says:

    soccer girls like to eat. BEST LINE:) Lol. its so true.

  28. You’re gonna need a boat… …and some water.

  29. yasu michael says:

    that was fucking truth !!

  30. Rachel Tingley says:

    best video yet nic!

  31. The passion behind the volleyball one is so much more evident ;)

  32. Matt Guajardo says:

    “Hey, She Can Kick Field Goals Too!” Bahhaahha