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Seg_ 2 – Nage Habba – Pranesh Comedy – 03 Feb 2013 – Suvarna News

SUVARNA NEWS 24×7 http://www.suvarnanews.tv – Seg_ 2 – Nage Habba – Pranesh Comedy – 03 Feb 2013 – Suvarna News.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

http://www.indian.travel http://www.ebin.in malayalam comedy (Macvision)show of converting bbc news to malayalam… Macvision on MalayalaManorama 2007 novemb…


  1. man you gotta make more such videos! this has been one of the funniest videos i’ve seen! good job btw! :D

  2. HellzBeat says:

    Best…work of a malayaleeee……..

  3. Nidhin Sha says:

    adipolliidaa……. i think you are having more talent to make more like this

  4. m4munavar says:

    michle jackson kalakki…

  5. 1ashleyo says:

    Niceeee…. Good work Ebin…. Thanks….

  6. s H u h E i L M says:

    u r the frst indian who imitating al pacino..kewl dude


    tats good

  8. jacyreule says:

    excellent. i like it very much

  9. MrThomasraju says:

    Excellent work : )

  10. kaneboston12 says:

    i laughed till i die man it was really funny

  11. Ajay Krrishna says:

    : as i am working with kewl riderz home video entertainment .. for our sequel to SELVAN PWD.. SELVAN PWD 2 PURSUIT FOR FUN..

  12. Ajay Krrishna says:

    : i would like to work with u ebin for new releases!!

  13. stanzjukebox says:

    Kaalavastha – Joby!!! :D :D :D Icing in the cake!

  14. congrats adipoli…from Abin to Abin

  15. I created this video 5 years back(for presenting in front of 300). It took 3 days to create this. Never ever thought it will be viewed by 3,00,000! The power of YouTube!

  16. Iddeen Kasaragod says:

    supar thank you !

  17. Jophy Gzb says:

    abin adipoli by jophy joseph changanacherry from abudhabi

  18. TheHari999 says:


  19. noushi44 says:

    good wok

  20. deepth pk says:


  21. Shawn Job says:

    machu super

  22. coldfire1900 says:

    gujjus and the north indians can barely say a sentence without grammatical mistakes. Its funny!!

  23. HI Abin adipoli
    M Jackson super

  24. thecapitan1981 says:

    Mallus and other south indians roll their rs so much especially when speaking english. Its funny

  25. IndianPanther says:


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