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NFL- American Family Commercial (Best Fans Ever–TV Show Charactors–SB45)

NFL- American Family Commercial (Best Fans Ever--TV Show Charactors--SB45)

America’s most beloved TV moments have been totally revamped by the NFL in this epic Super Bowl ad. Can you spot the 180 changes made to your favorite scenes…

This has pissed me off for years. Why do these people continue to bleep and blur everything thats “good” in movies and tv shows. I say enough is enough. GIVE…
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  1. texasboy5692 says:

    Bastard you cut out South Park

  2. BlackStallionWoman says:

    What is Fonzie doing at McLarens?

  3. LSUTigers2321 says:

    Homer is a Cowboys fan i thought!

  4. JOLTuniverse18 says:

    sophia vegara is a skins fan?? WIN

  5. marshmallowich says:

    cheers is 4 the patriots of course awesome

  6. punkster555 says:

    What Seinfeld episode is the :20 clip from?

  7. latinguy67 says:

    MY FALCONS on the General Lee!!!! I’ll take that ALL THE way!!!

  8. Kristina Hanselman says:

    Sophia Veragara from Modern Family

  9. Kristina Hanselman says:

    Does anyone know what episode that clip of Friends is from? I can’t find it anywhere :(

  10. Chrshonore says:

    Wow I totally missed the Sopranos one! D’OH!

  11. packerbacker16 says:

    Happy days representing my packers!!!

  12. Its a fake! The world LIED to me!!! WHY!

  13. Sophia Vegara

  14. hockeyheaven11 says:

    90210 reppin my Raiders hahahaha! That was actually cool lol

  15. penske369 says:

    Nice that they used the Dallas theme in the background!

  16. MiamiPhins28 says:

    They should have put a Marino jersey on Betty White!

  17. gammonnicholas says:

    out of all the simpsons characters ned flanders has to be the bucs fan

  18. Yes it is real, its the episode where TOny gets shot for the first time, but they were not wearing Jets attire, they added that in..

  19. Charlie Stretch says:

    South Park repin my Broncos lets go

  20. ambertojoe27 says:


  21. Is it Sofía Vergara form Modern Family?

  22. SpockIsAPimp says:

    Noooooooooooorm & Peeeeeeeeter!!!!!! #LOL loved this commercial especially the colors brought back memories

  23. timskywalker says:

    I knew there was a reason I hate Newman. He’s a cowgirls fan

  24. I loved this commercial…and the Fonz!! I liked seeing all the shows, but it was fun seeing the Fonz three times in this ad!

  25. Notebookwriter1 says:

    I hope you do realize that the FCC has no control over what’s shown on cable right? Cable channels have free reign to show whatever the hell they want. However, it’s censored so to no upset advertisers. Because there WILL be people complaining,and telling advertisers to pull their adds from the channel. Advertisers are what’s screwing up cable channels, and not having them take risks.


  27. Steven Cameron says:

    Its the parents job to watch their children but now they are lazy, so we have to suffer. Im sorry but madthad speaks the truth as i feel the same and im sure many others do as well

  28. MadThad0890 says:

    its not like kids are always watching. “grown ups” watch tv too.

  29. unstoppablesgm says:

    it’s common sense logic why it’s censored. your logic sucks. would you want your kids watching “tits and shit”?

  30. Leo Lannister says:

    Dude you seem so cool, and funny as hell. we gotta meet, I’m here in Detroit

  31. skidmetal20 says:

    i agree

  32. ABCDEFGHIJKLMN01231 says:

    Truest shit I’ve ever heard

  33. “…to the endgo?”
    You’re too much bro.

  34. yea u right man i remember watchin REPOS on BET at 3 in the morning and all the good shit was blurred out like the pistols remember back then how they blurred or censored shit during the day and just let the shit be played how it was edited late at night? why they stop doin that shit? tv aint shit no more it just aint the same as it used to be…

  35. UBERJUNGLEZ says:

    Cuz you can’t let a kid see that kind of shit like I did,I pretty much knew the concept of sex like when I was 6 and it fucked my mind up alot like doing/thinking inappropriate things at a young age and so on.And they can get sued as well.

  36. people are too oversencitive about the truth. thats how much pussies they are.

  37. dakotagonzalez says:

    ur a bad ass, ur videos are great bro.

  38. yeah i was just watch the Art of War today where they let you see someone snort several lines of coke but they can’t curse….don’t make much sense to me either man

  39. DionLaurent1 says:

    I’ve said worse as a little kid than I’ve ever herd on a R or NC 17 rated movie. And the kids of this generation are doing the same.

  40. Randy Ray says:

    101 wrif is awsome

  41. Armageddon2100 says:

    cable TV is total bullshit and i agree with ya Thad it’s total crap that we have to pay extra to get the good shit

  42. Dekationz says:

    movies r so dumb when every other word is changed. i was super faded watching alpha dog and it was rediculous.

  43. DragonoftheEastblue3 says:

    amen bro

  44. thekungfukid1990 says:

    I think the censoring sucks but I can understand why they do it. Although I really wish they would just bleep cursing instead of switching with another word. Can’t tell you have annoying it was hearing Mike Epps in Resident Evil the other day. Every time he said “motherfucker”, they switched it with “motivator” lol

  45. Lol yeah me too. Like when I watched Boyz In Da hood one night, everything was censored like crazy. I really wish the cable network would be uncensored. This is one of the main reasons why I hardly watch tv nowadays.

  46. khaosick08 says:

    u too funny

  47. MadThad0890 says:

    no u weren’t

  48. First

  49. nobody watches tv anymore ma nigga

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