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Selección de música de Relax Zen y de música de meditación (los temas son una seleccion de Buddha and Bonsai de Oliver Shanti&Friends y del compositor Shi-Zh…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Juanjo Gonzalez Marin says:


  2. How can I buy this music?
    Anyone know?
    I’d like keep it.

  3. Junior Mascarenhas says:

    Good night from Brazil!

  4. Fabrizio Minelli says:

    Viva Asia Carajo!

  5. عالم ذره says:

    Does anyone know the name of that inspirational music at 1:17:20 !?? I’m
    falling in love with it ♥♥ 

  6. Namo Buddaya!!!!

  7. Yicela Oino says:

    Me da tranquilidad y armonía 

  8. Martin Pereda says:

    Buenaza ami amorcito iris y yo relax

  9. The Spirit Hive says:

    http://www.rainymood.com thank me later.

  10. Grisel Gonzalez Vidal says:

    Me transporta… ;-)

  11. Very good

  12. Maria Edith Gutillo says:

    Grasias me encanta esta musica me relaja

  13. SIV HD!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. krining pri says:

    Gracias Elena Namaste

  15. Elena Pestaña says:

    Musica PRECIOSA que llega al alma GRACIAS

  16. Patricia Sáez Campos says:

    Hermosa música, bonitas imágenes y muy buenas las transcisiones. Námaste

  17. krining pri says:

    Gracias Patricia por tu comentario y me alegro que lo encuentres bonito y
    espero que te sea útil……….bendiciones Namaste.

  18. gloria ledezma says:

    muchas gracias

  19. krining pri says:

    Gracias a ti gloria, la buena musica va muy bien para relajar la mente y te
    ayuda a recobrar nuevas energias para afrontar el ajetreo diario.. Saludos
    y bendiciones

  20. krining pri says:

    Así es Christian , gracias por tu comentario Bendiciones Namaste

  21. christian lara says:

    Que Hermosa no cabe duda que solo la musica espiritual te da la paz y llena
    de amor a tu corazon y a tu mente buenos pensamientos gracias gos bless! !!!

  22. gloria ledezma says:

    gracias por compartir esta musica da tranquilidad a mi impaciencia me hace
    olvidar los momentos dificiles.

  23. Sidimar Sacramento dos Santos says:

    É linda!!! Adoro, faço massagens relaxantes com essas músicas.

  24. krining pri says:

    Sidimar muito obrigado pelo seu comentário e fico feliz que seja útil para
    massagens. Uma saudação

  25. Jose L. Perez says:

    Thank you for these magnificent and exquisite music

  26. Sergiu Bolota says:

    Great vocals!

  27. Nathan Grace says:

    New cover by Adelle “Rolling In The Deep”

  28. Tya Gessang says:

    Find me!!!
    Here in ur arms now im wondering where you’ve always been….

  29. leonard matthews says:

    great job I really hope that you guys make it some day because you all
    sound like billboard music awards winners to me

  30. eleni zelin says:

    <3 just love this song <3

  31. leonard matthews says:

    wow you guys keep singing this good they are goring to put you on music
    choice some day I really hopes that happen for you because this is really
    great music I would like to see more on TV

  32. Atália Farias says:

    Boycee ♥ nice nice nice adorooooo !! 

  33. Verry well says:

    apik tenan brooo……………

  34. wibson gomes says:

    Perfect :D uhuuuum B.A

  35. Romano Araújo says:

    This is song is so perfect. I can’t explain that this feeling me now ;,)

  36. 00 CRiMZEN says:

    This is a wonderful song that you guys have wrote. This much talent is a
    rare thing. The way your voice fits over the guitar is perfect. The music
    video also takes me into the story behind the song. Great job. You are all
    magnificent musicians. Keep doing what you love and we will keep listening.

  37. Lisa Borders says:

    Such a sweet song and video…I love towards the end when he looks through
    the “lovescope” and sees their future <3

  38. bring narry says:

    it’s so perfect

  39. Makaylee Pulver says:

    Great song.

  40. Juliana Lima says:

    Just perfect, the song that means everything!


  42. TheEricaMatthews says:

    wow!! Awesome!! I love this song… I just happened to come across this! I
    also came across another amazing singer/ songwriter – Brittany Kwasnik and
    her song called CITY… really, really awesome!! I love finding and sharing
    great music!! Glad I found this video!!

  43. Amber Munk says:

    This is mine and my Boyfriends song <3

  44. Skip Hariest says:

    can you find me there in your heart?

  45. diego ytachi says:


  46. Grace Simangunsong says:

    Is she Barbara Palvin?

  47. Maiane Gomes says:


  48. Jesse Guzman says:

    how i love this song.

  49. Roman Tomiczek says:

    Find me .. Jane….jane I LOVe You ty oči ten smích….

  50. Sarsheyy Sashi says:

    Its like a fantasy