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Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition – Middle Earth Hunger Games (w/ Download link)

If we hit 100 likes I’ll release the next video early! 100 likes = new video early!** What is up YouTube and fellow subscribers? It is TheChaoticCreeper a….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Minecraft Hunger Games Xbox 360 Episode 1 - A Good Start

This is minecraft hunger games or minecraft survival games on xbox 360 minecraft. We will have a series of minecraft hunger games xbox 360 / minecraft surviv…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Austin Warner says:

    Add me Gt: xXImaRollaFatXx

  2. Add me I have this map GT: FlyingLuis

  3. Josh Calder says:

    Add me someone egg monkeeeeeee

  4. Duhh disregard me. It’s amazing.

  5. I wanted to play on it badly to its so awesome.

  6. The download just says speed build and only has a small build site on it.

  7. Joshua Beasley says:

    can i join at 7:00 pm torrow

  8. MDAModern says:


  9. MDAModern says:

    Cash Cash!:D aha remember playing this with you! was a good game alouth i was one of te first to die:'(

  10. movie01hacker says:

    So fucking epic

  11. iSpannerss says:

    This is the best minecraft map ive ever seen O.o

  12. Alex Gerth says:

    then how did you post that comment????????????

  13. Alex Gerth says:

    me to.. what makes you so special??????

  14. warofnohope says:

    Hey I have this map and hunrdeds more if you’re interested my gamertag is Visionx Ninja

  15. Rachael Rs says:

    My youtube isnt working

  16. MrDjpartysr5 says:

    Ummm where is link

  17. kevanwignall says:


  18. O1SH0T2KILLSO says:


  19. Silenc3Pro says:

    How do you get these songs without copyright strikes? just wondering

  20. Dan Duffy says:

    Great but too big

  21. ZappsGames says:

    WOW i love this map!

  22. CoreyPlaysMinecraft says:

    Great video Chris :D

  23. TheChaoticCreeper says:

    13 more likes for new video today! :)

  24. Sexy

  25. So Freakin Detailed Yo Map(s)! Awesome

  26. him getting the sword wasint luck he knew where it was

  27. Rosy Vega says:

    He should stop talking

  28. MARCOS RAMIREZ says:

    Can u stop fking saying thats wats up

  29. Ruben Salinas says:

    Cool game ad me I’m rubensalinas123

  30. Ruben Salinas says:

    Lol that’s what’s up

  31. -Adrian Harmon says:

    What’s your gamertag for Xbox 360

  32. Demonminor071 says:

    I have 3 different hunger games that I can play maybe you could me and play GT CHOPPO 1

  33. Jonah Mathis says:

    I love your vids man, add me GT Inside Healer

  34. I am working on my own hunger games map

  35. MarshieGP4 says:

    is that what your talking about ???

  36. Tony Vasquez says:

    Hosting hunger games at 7:00 pm xx im un1que xx

  37. MARCOS RAMIREZ says:

    Noob u know where the diamond sword is

  38. johnnyalwayssmooth says:

    Hey whats yout xbox live name so we could play somr tim

  39. Ben Edwards says:

    What’s the seed

  40. Gruntchy McCrasher says:

    Hey, what skin pack is dat?

  41. Gruntchy McCrasher says:

    Shhhhut UP!

  42. Oh how i hate all the people on xbox minecraft…

  43. Pedro Lopez says:

    I make hunger game maps add me if u want to play sn1per5292

  44. zlBLACATTACKlz says:

    Gt Nike vs Jordans I would like to play

  45. benblocks says:

    It better be good

  46. brandon pearson says:

    Hey can i play hunger games with you please

  47. thenoblegamingcrew says:

    Game capture card. Many different versions. Roxio:100$ Hd pvr: 200$ Elgato: 200-300$

  48. MegaBLYSTONE says:

    Subbed btw  ^_^

  49. MegaBLYSTONE says:

    This was funny my friend XD
    How do you screen record on a console? I seriously need to know how…

  50. sean murray says:

    can i play with you my gamer tag is whosyodaddynow9 no space

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