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Jimmy Rose – “Coal Keeps the Lights On” Original Song – America’s Got Talent 2013

Jimmy Rose looks at life a lot different after being away at war, so he’s chasing his dreams. See him sing his original song “Coal Keeps the Lights On” about…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

hey guys i want you to pick witch song i should sing for my next video!!!


  1. Jimmy Rose knows that coal miners still have to fight daily for a safe workplace.To hear how miners who make safety complaints today are treated by non-union coal operators, check out Raymond Crooke’s song “Big Coal Don’t Like This Man At All” on YouTube. It tells the true story of KY miner Charles Scott Howard, who stood up for safety at a mine operated by Arch Coal and was fired as a result. He filed a whistleblower case, won his job back, and is working in the mines again!

  2. Donna Lewis says:

    This song is off the chain! ^5 Jimmy!

  3. Ronaldo Inspires says:

    Watch ronaldoinspires plz

  4. TMSeffects says:

    they are judging on his music, wtf you talking about?

  5. pantelimon51 says:

    Hes good but I cant just get with country music

  6. weezyisballer says:

    Forrest Gump? HE IS AMAZING!

  7. Amber Hill says:

    Me to it make tears In my eyes

  8. Pelodka666 says:

    Crying….He is amazing!

  9. Micah Knopp says:

    This song brings tears to my eyes!!! :)
    He is amazing!!

  10. minh duong trinh says:


  11. Jeremy Sang says:

    what sob story?..that he was at war and looks at life different now? that’s not a sob story

  12. Jeremy Sang says:

    why wouldn’t you just do you’re or you are?….

  13. cezar onofrei says:

    Big LIKEEEEEEE !!!!!!!

  14. i wanna show you my channel :P

  15. Andre barker says:

    im kinda tired of so many sob stories on these reality tv shows just sing we judge you on your music and not your story ,sorry just a opinion

  16. ^_^ ~~~ you r so lucky !!!!

  17. JimmyTipton says:

    That’s my step brother!

  18. SuperThunderdragon says:

    Who do you mean Mel B?

  19. One of the best who actually lived up to the back story

  20. This song needs to go on Google play So I can buy it

  21. nicknashlaws says:

    God bless the good ol’ boys.

  22. camokygirl says:

    Kentucky Baby!

  23. Alexlovesmakeup3335 says:

    So annoying

  24. Alexlovesmakeup3335 says:


  25. Kailene Spranger says:

    Good but a bit pitchy!

  26. I think you are great!

  27. Tajae Baker says:

    U r very good but I’m prettier

  28. musicmonkeypickle says:

    wow you sound a lot like me singing i like your belting voice do u take voice lessons cus i think youve got a lot of talent for a little person

  29. MYERZ44love says:

    Your scream

  30. Jaycee Lanza says:

    pretty good….. but definitely not the best singer ever.


  32. Mlgsniperfi4877 says:

    You are actually pretty good.

  33. Ninjaskittlecandy says:

    Idiotic you, she was really bad back then. But now she’s fucking changed, alright? I just watched her fucking recent singing video and it’s fucking awesome. My opinion, and yes, I can’t fucking sing but I have a taste in music.

  34. Briana Bullaro says:

    saying “For her age”. being young doesnt make you special if ur a good singer. you could have said “she has a deep, soul-full voice for her age” but just because shes young doesnt make her special for being the BEST SINGER EVER :)

  35. Briana Bullaro says:

    Stop being rude and get a life.

  36. Briana Bullaro says:

    get a life

  37. Briana Bullaro says:

    You need to get a real taste in music. You know shes way better then you could sing. vocal teacher or not. shes better then you will ever be.Her voice is not squeaky. PLEASE go get a real taste in music.

  38. Briana Bullaro says:

    Dont listen to other people saying You’re not “that good” because you ARE “that good”. You are a really Beautiful singer!! Keep doing what you love!!!! BTW i want you to sing “Hey there Delilah”

  39. delilah flores says:

    Amazing singer just ignore the haters and I vote hey there Delilah and totally not kidding my name is Delilah and its spelled the same exact same way as the song girl

  40. kati warner says:

    you were really great

  41. Dylan stephenson says:

    I wish I could say yes but need a little more work

  42. lucylucy908 says:

    U know what guys? Shut up! She’s a great singer and u need to stop hating. She’s a little to loud but she’s good

  43. omg u good

  44. Lexi Orozco says:


  45. Natalie Christensen says:

    Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care about all the negative talking here. Confidence is good.

  46. Ninjaskittlecandy says:

    Why don’t you quit singing? Or maybe get a vocal teacher. Don’t scream, it’s annoying! And you might think your good but trust me, you need work. Then you’ll be really good.

  47. Ninjaskittlecandy says:

    Over confident, squeaky, and you actually suck. LOTS. Your singing is even worse than a parrot throwing up bananas. Sorry, this title should say The WORST Singer ever.