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Celebrities Silenced by the Illuminati

Taking a look at celebs who have been silenced by the illuminati either by controlling their minds or by assasination you be the judge, all just a coincidenc…
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Seeing Double! Celebrities and Their Better Halves — Their Twins

We love these stars so much and we can’t believe that there are two of each of them! For all of you who are wondering if Gisele has a sister well you’re in l…
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Vacationing In Montreal: Celebrities, Carnivores and Canadian Dollars
We all gossiped about the celebrities in town, including Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence. Did I mention that while we had dinner at a Toronto microbrewery restaurant on the way to Montreal, they spent a half-hour debating whether a Zac Efron …
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  1. Omaima Koroma says:

    this is interesting.. would like to know more..

  2. Enoch Kao says:


  3. Enoch Kao says:

    Yes, of course!

  4. Dahomey Mirabo'o says:

    Evidemment qu’il va gagner. C’est lui le plus fort!! Et moi je pense qu’il est temps de choisir son camp.

  5. silentiumestaureum93 says:

    Ryan Dunn???? What was he trying to warn us about???

  6. Enoch Kao says:


  7. theDESTINYofCWALK says:

    The good will always win over the evil.

  8. Enoch Kao says:

    I won’t sell my own soul to the devil. LOL. And it’s true. Illuminati promotes a New World Order, One World Government… That’s how the Antichrist comes, as the Bible says… Apparently, that’s a spiritual battle in some ways. But God will win.

  9. theDESTINYofCWALK says:

    It is still about god vs satan. in every single illuminati video, there is mentioned devil or god. always religious.

    for me i see illuminati as the people who manipulate people to think otherwise than they should. illuminati can be the media, gorvernment and even me and you.

  10. Enoch Kao says:

    It’s not. LOL. The devil comes to destroy their lives but it packs those “presents” nice and attractive so that those celebrities can accept them more easily. Compare Rihanna’s photos when she was 16, 17 years old with the present one. The devil does give us fame, money and power but not the way to live and life.

  11. theDESTINYofCWALK says:

    Beyonce still lives compared to others who refused the devil. So basically joining the devil is the way to live.

    it seems that the illuminati is more of god vs satan, its for religious people and i am not. So i dont get bothered by it.

  12. Lord Rothschild says:

    hey rocafella, sshhh our little secret

  13. John Davis says:

    wiz klafia is jimmy hendrick

  14. marcudo1001 says:

    is everybody here out of their minds?

  15. Linda Fincher says:

    Next time you do a video, you need to watch it yourself. The words were too fast and makes for bad qualty on your part of presenting.

  16. Jairo Parra says:

    Stay out of the entertainment industry or you could lose your soul trying to make it to the top of this “demonic” industry. Oh, and get ready for Jesus’s soon return.

  17. jensweet66 says:

    Oh, and no Jesus didn’t ride the democratic ass, just the donkey as we all know. There are always those goof balls that have to say something. But those of you in the know what I mean.

  18. jensweet66 says:

    Revelation. The pope just the other day was given a permanent seat in the upper room (last supper) which is above King David’s tomb in Jerusalem. Now Obama going to Israel next month (March) riding into Jerusalem on the Democratic donkey (ass) just as Jesus did before His crucifixion. Things are going to begin to escalate very quickly. Repent!!! Jesus is coming!!!

  19. jensweet66 says:

    You all saw the lightning bolt that hit St. Peters Basillica TWICE just hours after the pope announced his resignation right?
    Lightning in Hebrew=Baraq Heaven in Hebrew=Bamah

    And Jesus said to them,” I beheld Satan fall like lightning from heaven.” Luke 10:18
    “For as lightning (Barak) comes out of the east (Kenya) and shines even unto the west (America), so shall the coming of the Son of Man be.” Matthew 24:27 Obama is the antichrist and the new pope is the false prophet of

  20. Garland English says:

    This song “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin has a clear cut Satanic message played backwards.You can hear my sweet Satan among other things.This is one of the earliest backmasking songs.

  21. Garland English says:

    Actually the next Pope could be the false prophet who will bring the Anti-Christ to power.He is also mentioned in the book of Revalation.I don’t know if he will,but if he names himself Pope Peter II that would be something.

  22. Many of these celebrities were christians at first. Some like Whitney Houston refused to sell their souls to the devil. Though they might have been killed by the illuminati they could meet the Lord in the Heaven as long as they TRUST in Jesus and God. However, some like Beyonce changed completely and sold their souls to Satan.

  23. MethaneMcGuiness says:

    This video contains overwhelming proof, it must be true.

  24. FamousOnChains says:

    Kurt Cobain?

  25. The pope is the anti christ who controls the illuminati

    U should know that the lord Jesus warned us that satan would gather the kings of the earth and force the world to worship the anti christ

    The lord JESUS pointed to the pope as this anti christ. proof? prophecy warned us that satan would hi jack the church and install the anti christ in the church who would rule from rome the kings of the earth

    That is the pope and vatican who through the jesuits established the illuminati the kings