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Best News Bloopers January 2013

WATCH Best News Bloopers May 2013 http://youtu.be/AUbtQpFVQ6k A collection of the best news bloopers to hit the internet in January 2013. SUBSCRIBE! Best New…

Best News Bloopers May 2013

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00 Reward In Violent Turtle Attack
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  1. FindingAnatta says:

    2:33 – How did that guy not realize he was going to hit her? I guess he was too busy trying to be Mr. Awesome Sports guy… looked like he was taking it waaay too seriously haha

  2. pandaland1 says:

    “Its been a key in nigger inaugural spot” hahahahaha

  3. madhousemortuary says:

    sasha grey on the thumbnail, folks….

  4. abdullah abdulrahman says:

    Last one he actually don it

  5. Nate Srofe says:

    Does anyone know the exact name of the show for the news at 5:55? The one where the girl talks about the cookies

  6. RedTV8888 says:

    5:04 bro

  7. SkyrimTube says:

    You must have A LOT of those brain cells, as you can detect her stupidity from this short footage.

  8. MeowziMcdermot says:

    A shame there ain’t a single brain cell in her head….

  9. Anna Barnes says:

    Wooo 19 Action News is the news channel I watch!!

  10. Yeah but I’m feelin’ the chick @ 5:06

  11. Guy at the end is my new best friend

  12. LeisureReader says:

    that guy in the beginning lol

  13. The end hilarious… haha

  14. Hotshy420 says:

    Al Roker like a fucking boss! Fucking hilarious!

  15. Felise Jones says:

    did anyone else notice the number on the reporter’s shirt at like 2:25
    or am I late to the party?

  16. CHOCO x POT says:

    2:47 why??

  17. Hugh Janus says:

    5:38 Is that M Bison?

  18. spongebobluvr82 says:

    Obama sticks his index finger up, he doesn’t flick him off… pause it at 6:28

  19. nintendofanlp says:

    “The guy at the end”?…He’s Al Roker…”The guy at the end”… please lol but he’s always amazing! He’s a really funny guy!

  20. MandiRawksVlogs says:

    The guy at the end is amazing.

  21. MandiRawksVlogs says:

    2:35. So rude. Like I didn’t think that was funny.

  22. Occidental79er says:

    Hah! I love how when it’s hot women who interrupt a guys field piece they go with it and enjoy it but when it’s a man they shove him out of the picture. :)

  23. SkyrimTube says:

    Brunette after 3:20 is gorgeous!

  24. Luke Zoske says:

    Obama sucks

  25. TavoHarry says:

    tremendous amount of sex… not wait… tremendous amount of success

  26. MercCastle says:

    By far the BIGGER problem of America at 6:56.

  27. RandomGamer258 says:


  28. RememberForThePeople says:

    No more ads. Click. Goodbye asshole.

  29. Chronos Media says:

    1 news yeeeee boi

  30. Byron Wilson says:


  31. Dwayne Wade says:

    not the woman in this storm, the next video where the guy laughs loudly, whats so funny ?

  32. pawel mieczykowski says:


  33. SoldierPrince says:


  34. cartmanrulez14 says:

    5:18 giggity…

  35. JayDudez100 says:

    Duh, because shes telling you don’t go out in it when shes out in it. And shes just stating the obvious.

  36. Dwayne Wade says:

    5:55 can someone tell me whats funny about this ?
    i couldnt understand and what they saw

  37. Tulipstarful . says:

    I think she meant to say ain’t nobody got time for that kapooya!

  38. Jacob Harbold says:


  39. MinecraftOfEpic says:


  40. MizkaDoesMegaBASS says:

    6:50 i died

  41. DoubleDJGeek says:

    Ah I was wondering why she was saying anchorman haha, It’s been a long time since I saw the film :P

  42. SpongeDude811 says:


  43. 1992Xenomorph says:

    tremendous amount of sex. I LIKE DAT!!

  44. Tanzanite800 says:

    8:26 Got him all soaped up, lets all just have a big orgy now.

  45. Nolan Blake says:

    He Wrote things into the teleprompter and she read it… Watch Anchorman

  46. Mustafa Abdille says:

    Fuck u bug

  47. QtipAppaloosa11 says:


  48. TheLastAmericanleft says:

    you suck stop takein’ other people videos…..fag

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