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Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise

The 5 minute video of “Make Some Noise” the first single from Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. For more information visit http://beastieboys.com/, http://twitte…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. 정훈 이 says:

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    Every single one of My children will be shown their lives, their sins, their wrong doings

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  2. more cowbell 3:12

  3. TheSteveJeff1 says:

    Will Ferrell

  4. Colin Mackay says:

    but it was Danny McBride that sprayed Dwight.

  5. branden boggess says:

    Will Ferrell

  6. fogairsoft fog says:

    is that will ferrell or the drummer from red hot chili peppers?

  7. whitemafiastudios says:

    Steve Buscemi.

  8. Brian Schoedinger says:

    ha will ferrell was the taxi driver and jim buscemi was the bartender

  9. Morstonaqu says:

    Seth Rogen? Whuuut

  10. BethanyfromGlasgow says:

    Yeah! c:

  11. 929 people they don’t know music

  12. while i used to agree with your comment, and used to be a hater, his new album really impressed me. good production, good lyrics, good cadence and good balance throughout. check out “i am who i am”, or “red dot music”, or “aquarium”. you might be swayed.

  13. gavin moritz says:

    Awesome song


    Is that Seth Rogen? and is that Chevy Chase at the end? Im so confused lol

  15. TheSteveJeff1 says:

    But his voice is terrible, I wouldnt want that in a musician.

  16. TheSteveJeff1 says:

    Why dont you not be a pussy and actually reply to me fagshit

  17. aninoutski says:

    1:51 $6300 suit! Come ON!

  18. joacosera says:

    he’s actually what you’d wan musicians to be and you don’t even know it. independent, 100% creative control, does what the fuck he was with his music.

  19. DavidPalmer says:

    929 people are assholes.

  20. kindaawkwardbro says:

    this is like a game of spot the celebrity

  21. mark price says:

    Check out “Birthday Party” by The Professor if you wanna hear some good new rap music.

  22. TheFarmero14 says:

    Ha how can someone name a country that isn’t even theirs. For all whites saying you are American you are not you are westernized Europeans

  23. Mademoiselle Dodo says:

    Enorme ! Ca fais bizarre devoir Elijah comme ça ! 3:50 mdrr ! x°D On dirrait qu’Orlando (♥) est bourré !